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There are different signs that supply evidence that your OS (operating system) may have serious virus problems such as slower system performance, web browser redirection and suspicious email activity. Viruses can easily open doors to a realm absolutely no person wants to experience and it's vital to have an anti-virus program software already present on the operating system. Let's take a look at various indications that allow us to recognize a possible virus infection even without an anti-virus program.

1) Unresponsive Functions - If opening certain tasks delivers no response, it obviously implies there is a spyware infection that disables the operation of software in normal mode. The more time a spyware or virus infects the system, the more applications it can disable and make unresponsive until all software programs stop performing.

2) Illegal Bookmarks and Unknown Links - The inclusion of bookmarks, favorites, and links that start to appear in your web browser can also be a huge warning sign that spyware has infected your PC. The spyware will make unfamiliar and unknown links in the web browser's favorites and bookmarks options, pressing one of which leads to bigger more severe problems. It is advised then to run an anti-virus program to identify the threat right away.

3) Suspicious Toolbars - One more integration of malware in your web browser is that of toolbars. You may know of Yahoo, Google, and MSN toolbars that actually help, however the inclusion of certain suspicious toolbars in the web browser is an indication that some malware is recording your browsing history and transferring this information elsewhere.

4) Email Bombs - These email bombs are one of the final hints that malware has taken over the Operating system. Lots (and I mean lots) of unrelated emails and explicit material inside your inbox, indicates that your operating system is significantly infected and requires a scan and cleanup. This actually works both ways; the emails don't just come into your inbox but additionally send automatically to all or any of your email contacts so it is encouraged to check your sent messages in such a case. Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months. Clifford Stoll

5) Fake Warning Messages - While infected, the operating system starts displaying odd and fake warning messages stating that the PC is infected with spyware and it suggests using a certain anti-virus program that will clean the PC from the infection. But, this software is really a gimmick which furthers the problem with more spyware to steal your personal data. None of these offers should be followed and really should be responded by disconnecting the computer from the web and running an immediate scan ideally with an updated version of an anti-virus. This symptom is serious and procrastinating cleaning your computer at this point usually results in even more serious troubles.

6) Web browser Redirection & Pop-ups - A probable sign that the PC is infected is the internet browser being redirected to an unrelated web page that basically wants you to download some software or participate in a survey. When you enter a URL or go to a search engine, the exact same website will pop up no matter what you type in. Pop-ups have a similar resulting effect. You may have proper browsing, but before too long the browser opens a pop-up window that has explicit or unrelated content that you never requested or wanted to open up. Disconnect yourself from the internet and run a thorough scan. NEVER click any of the pop-up windows, since it will undoubtedly make the spyware threat escalate.

7) Sluggish System Performance - The most apparent factor that proves the computer is infected is the sluggish overall performance of the operating system; programs open slower and run slower also. Opening up a Microsoft Word document might take 5 to 6 minutes and such, is a definite warning that the Computer is infected


When We Disinfect A Computer, We Not Only Remove The Infections - We Also Repair The OS, Do A Tune-Up, Then We Test For Vulnerabilities.

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Have your operating system perform its best

If it's Windows, Mac OS, or even Linux, the operating system (OS) has the same job in all computers - it manages all the software and hardware allowing the computer to run and accept input commands.

With such an important job, it is essential to keep the OS healthy and bug-free. And the OS can be further tweaked to run better, enhancing your computer experience and making it pleasurable instead of a chore.

Let your computer reach new heights and speed

Is your computer starting to show it's age? Or maybe it doesn't seem to run new programs as snappy as it used to? Are the requirments for that new game or software higher than what you feel your computer is capable of? Don't feel that you have to go out and buy a new and expensive computer just yet!

Our technicians can evaluate if your computer is worthy of an upgrade and if so, suggest which upgrades would be best for it. An SSD (Solid State Drive) to replace your older mechanical HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or a memory upgrade can easily make your computer a whole new machine.

Have one of our techs look at your computer today.

Learn how to use your device in the most efficient way

Everyone has different ways and speeds of learning. Thats what we believe at Performance Computers and is why we offer one on one individualized training for what you are seeking to learn. With the individualized training, you will be assured of making sure you will completely understand a topic before moving onto the next one and the speed of which you are taught adjusted accordingly for your needs.

Let us help you understand your smartphone better or show you how to set up and use your email. No topic is to minor for us to teach and have you leaving feeling you are much better with your device than when you came in.

Our Remote Monitoring Service

We Will Install Software On Your Computer That Monitors:

  - Hardware Temperatures

 CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, etc for only $34.68 per year.

  - Infections

 Malware, Spyware, Viruses, etc for only $34.68 per year.

If The Monitoring Software Finds A Problem With Your Computer, The Monitoring Software Will Alert Us Right Away And We Will Notify You Of The Problem And Can Login Remotely To Your Computer To Fix Most Problems.

Performance Computers, llc Recommends Having Computers Internally Cleaned At Least Once A Year So We Can Remove Dust & Help Prevent Hardware Problems.

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