Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your devices proactively - Our Monitoring provides early recognition of problems in your IT infrastructure and immediately warns us. Stay one step ahead of problems and prevent costly downtime and data loss

Time for a clean-up? We will be notified as soon as the remaining free space on one of your devices falls below a certain percentage.

Avoid unnecessary data loss: We&re notified if any disks on your device are reporting S.M.A.R.T. errors, so we can backup important data before failure.

Prevent damage to your devices - We&ll set a CPU usage threshold and be notified when a processor exceeds it.

Don&t take your chances. We&ll receive an alert when there is no anti-virus software installed or running on a device.

We can provide systems free of interferences by setting a memory threshold and receiving a notification as soon as a respective device falls below it.

A disabled firewall poses one of the biggest risks to your systems. Our Monitoring will notify you if the Windows Firewall is disabled on one of your devices.

We&ll be notified when a specific event in the event log is discovered.

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We receive a notification when a specific Windows service has stopped running.

Process can have a critical influence on the stability of systems. We se alerts and are notified when a specific process is ir is not running.

We stay one step ahead. We receive instant alerts when a problem arises so we can jump in even before a problem occurs. By setting individual check policies, we get the right alert at the right time.

Even on the go you will never lose control. Set up email notifications for any of your checks. Determine the recipients of these emails individually and ensure that the right alert gets to the right person at the right time.

We create a comprehensive inventory off your hardware so we can quickly find a replacement if a part goes out.

Check if inappropriate software has been installed or if you are covered by your current licenses.

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